Manufacturing and supply

Created at the research Institute "Orion" components of microwave electronics ensures the development and production of modern and advanced samples of electronic equipment of centimeter and millimeter wavelength ranges intended for a special, double and commercial applications.

Microwave products of RI "Orion" are focused on real equipment and facilities and fully meet a set of requirements defined in accordance with specific conditions of equipment application. A characteristic feature of the scientific and engineering team of the Institute is close and friendly interaction with customers at all stages of development.

Our vigorous activities are directed to achieving the necessary technological level, right quality and the desired value of the production created. Mutual understanding and common interest in the outcome enables us to better understand the technical characteristics of customer requirements and propose technical solutions which fully satisfies both sides.

Unique technological development cycle of microwave devices and components at the enterprise requires a detailed computer-aided design of solid-state microwave devices, which allows performing a simulation of both individual components and multifunction modules.

Computer-aided design and manufacture effectively used at all stages of development and production provide the performance refinement, a high degree of reliability and repeatability of the output parameters of the final products of the Institute.

Specialized laboratory bench and test equipment of the enterprise allow us to perform accurate and detailed analysis and evaluation of the technical characteristics of all produced devices, components and modules at various assembly steps, as well as to simulate various operating conditions of microwave modules, including ability to function effectively when exposed to different environmental factors.

Research Institute "Orion" provides qualitative production and punctual delivery of devices, modules and components presented in the company product catalogue.