Direction of Activities

Our specialists develop, design and produce components of microwave electronics on the basis of solid-state devices in the frequency range 1–300 GHz. Created at the Research Institute "Orion" component base of microwave electronics provides development and production in Ukraine of modern and advanced samples of radio-technical equipment of centimeter and millimeter wavelength ranges intended for a special, double and commercial applications.

The main directions of scientific-engineering and production activities of the Institute are:

  • applied research, development, manufacture and supply of microwave components and multifunction devices for the requirements of domestic enterprises involved in shipbuilding, aircraft construction, creation of communication systems and data transmission, radar and navigation equipment;
  • applied research of technological and electrodynamic characteristics of semiconductor materials Si, SiC, GaAs, InP, GaN allow creating the basic microwave technology of production of the main components of transceiver modules in the form of microwave integrated circuits.